Poppa Daddy in-law


I suffer from oneirism caused by the urge to converse to my daddy in law about what I feel. Oh really! Am in astir to figure out.
Firstly, I got to say that I have a million imaginary situations cooking in my head. Oh my gosh!Perhaps this is what makes me always be in a reverie.
You are my other Poppa who raised my other half,taught her how to behave , talk and be spiritually upright. People can talk all the bad things about you but I don’t give a toss since I know what kind of a man you are(because am gonna be living with a duplicate ‘character’ of you).Before I proceed am gonna promise you one thing:

Just let them be!They call you pugnacious because they really don’t know that your intentions are always pure. You always want your family to be happy and healthy. That is my daddy in-law!I feel very proud and I have
innumerable words to express my gratitude.
I just wanna say how much I love you two though this may sound like a cliché ,though I don’t want it to be………..You have set a good example in life to me. I promise to be a good daddy like you.
The concern you have for her makes me feel like am part of it. Now that you are my dad,I hope to be the good son you deserve. Thank you for teaching my best half how to grow.
I have had this silent conversation a myriad times in my head may be that’s why I suffer from oneirism.



Bernard medadimage

I would like to share my experience in order to explain the main topic prominently.
When we were kids my mum used to promise us a present whenever we passed the exams. I was among the top students in the class always so it was obvious for her to buy a present for me. Likewise to my younger brother. One day she decided to challenge us when I was in kindergarten; top class. She decided to ask her own queries before giving us a present. That day she brought three story books. Then she went ahead and asked. I have one story book, if I add you two more story books how much will you have? “Four”, I responded.
My mum was disappointed in me. She asked me again and I replied ,” Four”. So she gave me another option. I liked bananas. She said if I give you two bananas and I give you one more, how many will you have? “Three”, I replied. She was now how happy. She brought the two storybooks again and gave me then said if I add you one,how much will you have? I said,” Four”.
She was outraged.
She asked my younger brother and he answered that it should be three. The present was given to him but I was angry and violent.
I told my mum that she was not fair at all because: I was position one in school and my brother was position three. “But you failed my test”, she replied.
Listen what I told her.” Due to my well done exams and position in class. I was given one more story book and it was in the bag so if you gave me two and you add me one ,they will be four altogether with the one in my bag!!”
My mother was really touched and encountered a profound shock. She was compelled to buy both of us a present and I got two presents.

From my story we have learnt several things;
1. Practicality; I was practically right. The feasibility of my reasoning was adequate enough.
2.Technicality. This means seeing what is obvious or visible .It involves arts and guesses that is, theoretics. My mum was Technically right because two plus one is obviously three.
3. Don’t be in a hurry to judge others.

Who was right between my mum and me? We were both right in different perspectives.
So ladies and gentlemen, we should understand each other distinctly before arguing or judging.
The conflicts arises between these two gaps; technical rightness and practical rightness.
Before you judge you spouse that she is not loving you to your expectations, ask yourself,What could be the cause?You may be technically right but she is practically right. Whatever you do to her could be unsatisfactory and unworthy for the kind of love you expect from her.
When your child is misbehaving, you maybe technically right, but a you practically right? Maybe  the kid is following what you do with your couple in the house, arguing over minor things, fighting for worldly things!!Be practical, see the hidden story book in the bag like I did.
So the next time before you start judging, see things that are beyond obvious. Those that are hidden. Discover the hidden story book !!That will help you to understand the other party and resolve the conflict that you are in.
Much regards and gratefulness to you all.